Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor is not at all bothered by the Casonova tag given to him by the media. The young Turk has been more in news for his relations first with Deepika Padukone and now with Katrina Kaif.


As per sources, Ranbir feels that with time this tag will be handed over to someone new and younger than him, “I am arrogant enough to know I am a good actor. So this Casanova image, after I get married in five or 10 years, will pass on to someone younger and new. I am not really trying to work an image. Right now, I am just an actor and trying to sell my movies.”

When asked if the photographs featuring him and Katrina that were splashed across newspapers bothered him, he replied in the negative,”I think I was very busy and was shooting for Bombay Velvet in Sri Lanka. I was completely into the character, so I didn’t really get distracted or depressed.”