Rakesh Roshan

The clash between ‘Raees’ and ‘Kaabil’ is now evoking reactions with Rakesh Roshan speaking up on the matter. He was trying his best to avert the clash as it would do no one any good, but couldn’t finally make it. Further, it looks like the unequal distribution of screens among the two films has irked him even more.

Roshan recently opened up to a popular portal and didn’t hide a bit of the displeasure and bitterness he is going through. “It’s very unfortunate I got up in the morning I saw in the papers. It’s 45-55 now. I don’t know for sure. It is not correct. I am very shocked,” he said.

Trusting the distributors, he didn’t get into an agreement as well. “I don’t get into any kind agreement because I never thought this would come my way. It’s very unfair because all over the world, be it Dubai or London or Australia or new Zealand, they have all gone for 50-50 except our industry in India even after giving me assurance,” he adds

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Roshan, who is otherwise not keen to show his films to the distributors, screened ‘Kaabil’ twice for them; simply because they don’t trust his films enough.

“I thought this industry will get mature day by day with all the corporate coming in. But it is getting dirtier and dirtier and we are going backwards. I have told them to avoid such clashes because it’s not good and ethical for the film. The producers are losing, distributors are losing, exhibitors are losing, audience is losing, who has so much money to go and watch two films? You are depriving so many people of so many things. Only way to go about it is by going 50-50. So that others when they come with such clashes they will think twice,” he says.

But we have been seeing enough camaraderie from both Hrithik and Shah Rukh Khan. They’ve made it a ritual to sound friendly to each other and have been passing on good wishes for their respective releases.

“Everything is getting dirty and unethical. No professionalism, no friendship, it’s (Bollywood) not a close knit family at all. It was in my time. Jeetendra, me and Rishi Kapoor are best of friends even today. That was the industry we were working in. Now just shaking hands that also we don’t know what they mean. Putting up a smile and kissing each other’s cheeks in front of the media! That’s not friendship,” Roshan busts the myth as he signs off.

Sigh! All we can hope now is for both ‘Kaabil’ and ‘Raees’ to get their dues.

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