Raj Kundra with Shilpa Shetty

Rajasthan Royals owner Raj Kundra has confessed to betting .Well betting is a minor bailable offence under the CrPC, the BCCI rules are pretty harsh if any owner is caught betting his team franchise can be terminated.


Delhi Police Commissioner said,”Kundra has confessed to placing bets on his team winning, and has lost a lot of money on bets that estimate to be around Rs 1 crore in the last three IPL seasons. Kundra would place his bets through one Umesh Goenka, Kundra’s business partner”, whom the commissioner described as a “bookie”.

Umesh revealed that Shilpa Shetty too has placed bets. Raj Kundra claimed being an UK citizen he was not aware that betting is illegal in India,He used to give  partner Umesh VIP passes ,where he used to talk to team players and ask them about team strategy,pitch and other details and based on those facts place his bets. Kundra used to bet through him. In fact Goenka was acting as a bookie for Kundra.