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Filmmaker Nitin Kumar Gupta recently announced a film called ‘Stroke’ featuring Rahul Roy. He announced that the actor will be playing the role of a person who has suffered a stroke in this film. Rahul’s family has slammed the director for announcing the film without the consent of Rahul.

Rahul’s sister Priyanka told ETimes that Nitin was not answering her calls when the actor was in Kargil. She said, “The commandos reached Kargil on 26th and Rahul was brought to Mumbai on 27th. We reached the brigadier, courtesy one of our uncles in the army. Nitin called me on 26th and prior to that, he was not responding to my calls. This is a very sad, heartbreaking announcement in our trying times that Rahul will act in Nitin’s next titled ‘Stroke’.”


Rahul brother-in-law Romeer said, “It can get very uncomfortable and discouraging when somebody is out to put your sorrow in public domain and that too to make a fast buck. Nitin should not have done this. What made him do this is nothing but because he wanted to garner publicity.”

Romeer further slammed Nitin as he said, “Has Nitin even informed Rahul? No! Rahul is doing a film without him knowing about it! How terrible is that! How on earth is Nitin so confident that Rahul will do the role that he wants? Does Nitin have a script? No! At least we haven’t seen one such. If Rahul agrees at a later date, that’s a different matter. But an announcement without his consent when he’s still in hospital?” Priyanka said that Rahul has told her that he does not want to associate himself with Nitin anymore. Romeer added, “Nitin is dancing on our tragedy.”

Rahul had a brain stroke in Kargil as he was shooting for ‘LAC Live the Battle’ directed by Nitin Gupta. He was airlifted to Mumbai from Srinagar after his health condition worsened. He is now undergoing speech and physiotherapy. Yesterday, he shared a video where he assured his fans that he is doing better and will be back soon.


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