radhika apte reaction netflix memes

Radhika Apte here, Radhika Apte there, Radhika Apte everywhere! That’s the scenario across all social media platforms, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Since Radhika’s featured in all of Netflix India’s original content series, ‘Lust Stories’, ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Ghoul‘, people on the internet have got a point to talk about. It didn’t end there, they went ahead and made memes on her which have been viral for days now.

Talking about her memes, Radhika, in an interview with PTI said, “I was very happy. I think it is a great compliment because it is such a great platform. Who would not like to be a part of the projects from Netflix.”

She further added, “With Netflix, what happens is that they stress on the quality because it is a global platform. They will give you the freedom to choose topics, projects and creative control but they are very particular about the quality.

Netflix, Radhika and director Vikramaditya Motwane decided to collaborate for yet another project but this time, to make a video in response to the memes. They made a behind the scene video which is two minutes long where they are mocking her “omnipresence”.

Sharing the video, Netlfix India captioned it, “Whatever the role, Radhika apt hai.” You can check it out below:

“As an artist I really like to push the envelope. You want to do work that really challenges you,” Radhika says in the video. When Netflix came to her with yet another offer, she was “reluctant” because she felt she had done everything she needed to do.

Director Vikramaditya Motwane too had a reason for casting Radhika and he explains that in the reason.

If you all have still not understood it, this is all in jest! Kudos to the idea and kudos to Radhika for being a sport. You go, girl!

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