R... Rajkumar mints over 30 crores over weekend

Shahid Kapoor is a happy man as his movie R… Rajkumar has proved the critics wrong by minting over 30 crores over the weekend. Making this Shahid’s biggest opening till date.


As per sources, this movie was written away by the critics and on Friday with about 35% viwership it was felt that the masses too have not accepted it but, trade analyst Amod Mehra said, “Friday saw about 32-35 per cent occupancy, amounting to north of Rs 10 crore. In an ideal case, it should have been 60 per cent. So not exactly an incredible figure but this is clearly Shahid’s best opening. However, Saturday saw a decline in the collections while Sunday proved better.”

According to exhibitor Rajesh Thadani, R…Rajkumar crossed Rs. 30 crore over the weekend. Surprising everyone and much to the delight of Sasha who truly needed this very much.