Pulkit Samrat on his chemistry with Yami Gautam

Rather than getting bothered by his link-up rumours with Yami Gautam, actor Pulkit Samrat says such stories only prove the popularity of their on-screen chemistry.

The two have been rumoured to be seeing each other since they began shooting together for ‘Sanam Re’.

Pulkit says he and Yami are “way beyond” the stories written about their apparent off-screen romance.

“It’s been nice that people have been loving the pairing. I haven’t seen such a response to any pairing for a long time. It feels very nice. It is a huge compliment for the hard work that we have put in. We really appreciate that. I am very happy,” the actor told PTI in an interview.

“Gossip or rumour about personal life does not bother me. If people are saying whatever they are saying, I take it as a compliment for the on-screen chemistry that we share. That means people like our work. Had people not liked our chemistry, they wouldn’t have said anything about us. I don’t care about the rumours. We are way beyond that.”

Pulkit and Yami have re-teamed for another love story, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘Junooniyat’ and the most of the buzz around the movie is courtesy their much talked-about equation.

The actor says people might feel that he and Yami decided to be a part of the film after working on ‘Sanam Re’ but it was ‘Junooniyat’ which the pair had signed first.

“‘Junooniyat’ was the first film that we signed. ‘Sanam Re’ happened later and we both did not know that the other person is doing ‘Sanam Re’. We started shooting for ‘Junooniyat’ before ‘Sanam Re’ and after 10-15 days we were on the sets of ‘Sanam Re’. We shot the two films simultaneously.”

‘Junooniyat’ follows the romance between an Army officer, Jahaan Bakshi (Pulkit), and a simple yet strong-headed girl, Suhaani Kapoor, played by Yami.

For Pulkit, the fact that ‘Junooniyat’ is a love story of two similar people sets it apart from other romantic films.

“A highlight of the story for me was that it is love between two very similar people. Normally, we see the story of two opposites falling in love but that’s not the case here. I found that interesting.”

A love story definitely demands a great on-screen chemistry between its actors but according to Pulkit chemistry not only depends on the performing artists, but the whole crew which works to get each romantic scene right.

“Definitely, the most important part of a love story is the chemistry between the two actors because a love story is about a guy and a girl meeting and falling in love. You don’t see love coming across if the chemistry is not there.”

“But the chemistry is also not only about the two people playing the characters. It is also about how well they are written and performed and that happens only when the entire team is in sync.”

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