Priyanka Chopra's Family

Priyanka Chopra is very protective about her cousins is no secret; but she also advices them on their marriage proposals too is something new. If a marriage negotiation fails the suitor is warned on dragging the Chopra name by not discussing about the proposal with anyone.


As per sources, “One of Priyanka’s cousin based in the US, a medical student, is looking for a suitable boy to tie the knot. But apparently, she has scared off a couple of suitors (of Indian origin) with her over-the-top comments on family values, ‘desi’ attitudes and her own quest for glamour.When the suitors refuse then the family concerned and Priyanka’s mum, Madhu Chopra, become super protective about the family name, families of these suitors have received warnings that their name must not be ‘pulled down’, and neither should the proposal negotiations ever be discussed.”

A member from one such suitor’s family in Mumbai said, “All throughout, Priyanka reserves the right to advise, counsel and guide her cousins over decisions of marriage. Well then, the least they could do is give the boy the freedom to make a choice too.”

Never considered Peecee to be a bully .