Priyanka Chopra

Versatile actress Priyanka Chopra who has made a name for herself in international music too, was quite devastated when she lost her father to cancer.  To overcome it,  she went back to work within four days of her loss to escape from dealing with it.


Priyanka Chopra revealed her feelings regarding her personal loss, “I don’t think it’s strength. I should have taken the time to deal with it. I wanted to run away from dealing with it and I did.”

“I started work four days later, one, because my dad hated me sitting at home, and second, I would have lost my mind if I did. Losing my father was not just losing my dad, it was losing a part of me. My dad was my best friend, my idol and my protector. He was the man of my life, so I went back to work because that was my only solace and I haven’t stopped since.”

Well Priyanka you have our sympathies, but escape is not the solution.