Multifaceted Actress Priyanka Chopra joins Hollywood actresses Anne Hathway and Selena Gomez in a documentary for called ‘Girl Rising’ that is directed by Oscar nominated director Richard E Robbins. PeeCee has provided a voice over in English and Hindi for the film.


As per sources, “the film which highlights nine stories of young women from around the world who have used education to rise above poverty and adversity. While the Indian story features PeeCee’s voice, the film also has voiceovers by Academy Award winning actress Anne Hathaway and pop star Selena Gomez.”

The Indian story that features Priyanka’s voice, has been written by Sooni Taraporewala, the award winning screenwriter of films like Mississipi Masala and Salaam Bombay.

PeeCee is so moved by the story that She has seen the Indian story many times now. And has also told her friends to see the film whenever they get the opportunity.