Priyanka Chopra’s new album exotic has already gone viral on YouTube but the actress who though appreciated for her singing has also been criticized for aping the Pop Divas of the west as per her dresses. The composed actress spoke quite frankly giving her point of view.


As per sources ,Priyank Chopra said, “I believe there is no need to be judgmental. I have worn it myself so many times, recent instance being at TOIFA. It is one of the most common combinations for a sexy outfit,”I am also wearing this silver top and shorts with chains. Then there is this whole ’80s style neon swimsuit with comic book shoes. All these things are not being talked about and instead, we are stuck debating this outfit which comes for barely 10 seconds.”

PeeCee also added that she is trying to do something different that is to expose Bollywood music to the world.She wanted to take India and herself to go mainstream and if some people are not happy with it then its fine with her.