Mary Kom with Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra who is depicting the role of a boxing champion ‘Mary Kom’ in her next, revealed an unknown aspect of her life, which is quite similar to the legendary sportsperson.


As per sources, Priyanka Chopra said, “Her story is same as that of mine. I too struggled when I came in the industry and cried alone. It is basically the story of every girl, who has a dream.”

“Mary Kom daughter of a landless farmer had to struggle to achieve her dreams. But she has all the traits a typical girl has, she too loves to paint her nails beneath her boxing gloves. She loves singing, watching movies and everything that a girl likes,” the actress added.
Priyanka Chopra is quite happy to tell the story of a female sportswoman through her movie ‘Mary Kom’.