Priyanka Chopra competition

Priyanka Chopra has registered herself as a global star today and her journey from Bollywood to the West is inspiring AF. This is the reason that many of contemporaries consider her as their competition. But do you know who Priyanka considers as a competitor?


Priyanka recently co-hosted the UN Global Citizen show along with Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman and others. And while speaking to a leading daily, when asked about her biggest competition, Priyanka said, “I keep setting higher standards for myself. I’m my own competition. I’m someone who takes the bull by the horn — my career and life are examples of that. My aim is to raise the bar and shatter the glass ceiling. I’ve always believed that no one can tell you that you can’t do something. I don’t know where I’m heading but I just want to keep walking.”

Yeah PeeCee, we get it and you sure keep showing your past self the better you, by day.

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