Priyanka Chopra as Boxer

Priyanka Chopra has never played any sport in her life, yet she is quiet confident of her role as a sportsperson in her next. Priyanka who is to play Mary Kom in a biopic on the Olympic bronze medallist, asserts that she will be able to convince the audience in the role of a boxer. “I will try my best to play a sports person in the film. I will try my best to be as close to the boxer as I can. I will convince you as a boxer in the film,” Priyanka said in an interview.”I have never played any sport in my life and it’s quite ironic that I am playing a sportswoman, but that’s the beauty of an actor,” she added.


Piggy Chops said that to play a specific character on screen, an actor doesn’t need to be like that in real life too. “If I play a villain on screen, for that I don’t need to be a villain in real life. If I have done action in Don that doesn’t mean I need to do it first in real life,” Priyanka said. The actress was seen doing some daring stunts in Don – The Chase Begins Again and Don 2.


Priyanka, who has had personal sessions with the Manipur-based Kom, says her spirit is very inspiring for her as well as for the youth.
“For me, Mary Kom is very inspiring. At the age of 32, even after having three kids, she is still in the boxing ring, has been to the Olympics and again she will start training for it,” said Priyanka.

Mary Kom is a five-time world boxing champion and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships. But recognition eluded her for many years and she only got her due after winning a bronze medal at the London Olympics.

“She has proved to all of us that being a woman and coming from a small town, where enough facilities for training are not there,
if you put your mind in something, then you can achieve anything. She is a precious gemstone of our country and very influential to our generation,” Priyanka added.