Prachi Desai

Actress Prachi Desai reveals that it has become very difficult for her to break the stereotype that has been attached to her after she did ‘Rock On.’


“After ‘Rock On’, just like what happens with everyone, I got stereotyped. First of all, because I came from a television background and secondly because I didn’t play a glamorous, larger than life character. I wasn’t launched in one of those extremely big budget films where I was anyway elevated to that position. After that (‘Rock On’) it was extremely difficult for me to change the perception of ‘sweet simple girl next door’ and get roles which were my age,” the actress said.

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Prachi also revealed how the makers started to feel she was older in age, as she had played a wife in ‘Rock On’ because of which she was offered more mature roles. “I was 19 when I did ‘Rock On’, but I’ve had the strangest reactions from some of the biggest filmmakers where they met me and were often surprised that I looked so young. I still get offered roles where I am intense, subtle but in real life I think I am kind of opposite of that. But that’s an outsiders struggle although out. Whether it is a Kangana from ‘Gangster’ or Vidya Balan from ‘Parineeta’, it takes time to find your best scripts and roles. You just have to keep working hard,” she said.

The actress also revealed that she is looking to do an out-and-out love story now.

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