Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi and her fiance Maneck Contractor recently travelled to Goa amidst the nationwide lockdown that has been imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Her fiance is a Goan and Pooja travelled with him to his home town. But, the actress had somewhat of a horrid experience in the quarantine facility of the government.


Pooja took to her Twitter and posted a video of the quarantine facility where she was living for a day. She wrote, “There’s a LOT of uproar about my driving to goa with my fiance who is goan! We went BY THE BOOK. Applied online 2 goa GOVT+ DCP mumbai/stopped at every checkpost/did covid test at GOA hospital & SPENT NIGHT in GOA QUARANTINE. Pl see video as 2 WHY I was upset about facility. 1/2.”

In the video, the house looked unclean as she said that it is mouldy everywhere and dirty pillows were just covered with a white sheet. While she was thankful for the Ac but she was disappointed by the unsanitized surfaces.

In another tweet, she wrote, “The lack of hygiene & sanitization makes it a BREEDING GROUND for viruses. People who enter goa WITHOUT corona may get it at such a badly sanitised quarantine centre. I TWEETED out of CONCERN 4 the safety of others… BUT all people can focus on is that “a celebrity entered goa”?

Pooja was in Mumbai during the initial days of the lockdown and celebrated her 50th birthday with her loved ones, including Maneck, daughter Alaya F and son Omar. But now she in Goa.

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