CBFC Padmavati

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’ was slated to hit the screens on December 1, 2017. The film has been facing a lot of issues and due to some incomplete documentation; CBFC had sent the movie back to filmmakers. The makers had applied for an expedite certification for the film, but the plea has been rejected.

ANI tweeted in a couple of tweets put out the story.

“#FLASH Central Board of Film Certification turns down the application by makers of #Padmavati seeking to expedite Certification process of the movie. Turning down plea of #Padmavati makers, CBFC said that the movie will be reviewed and certified as per set norms of following the chronological order of all applications.”


The CBFC has been quite upset and vocal with the fact that the makers choose to show the film to a few senior journalists even before the certification. Recently, at IFFI, CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi also spoke about the movie and stated that the situation is not created by CBFC, but the makers are expecting a solution from them.

He said, “It can take 68 days because you have to understand the time that many committees might be formed (to come to a decision) so it can take time. Generally, films take less than that but here the case is such. Is CBFC to be blamed that people are on roads to protest? If makers go ahead and show the film to press, has that done by CBFC? But you want CBFC to take a well thought out decision. How will it take a decision if you are not giving it space and the time? Generally, CBFC clears the film before 68 days but it mentions the time that it will take when the situation is such. This is not something new. I am from the film fraternity so I understand makers, I understand Sanjay Leela Bhansali but it is not about him, it is about the controversy surrounding the film.”

“The time is less for controversies but more to think and for that, we need to maintain patience and we need to get rid of anxiety. Until that’s removed you are being unfair with CBFC and not giving time to it. The situation has not been created by the CBFC but you are expecting a solution from it. When you are doing that, give them the time-space and mental space to take that decision. For that I urge everyone who is associated with films, I condemn any kind of violence but I respect sentiments, I respect filmmakers, creativity. I respect various sections in the society. We need to take all of them into consideration while taking a decision, which we all can be proud of,” he added.

Well, we just hope that all the problems that ‘Padmavati’ is facing comes to an end and the film hits the screens as soon as possible. The movie stars Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in the lead roles. (Also Read:  Padmavati: Supreme Court rejects the plea to block the release)