Hrithik Roshan

Actor Hrithik Roshan is still  trying to get some answers as a lot has happened in his life  lately – injuries, emotional upheaval. The actor was at an unveiling of his new brand HRX on Google Plus Hangout in Mumbai and was ready to bare his soul about the separation from his wife Sussanne Roshan and how he is trying to come to terms with it even after a month.




According to sources, the actor said that a lot had happened in his life lately. “I take full responsibility about whatever is happening in my life, instead of blaming people and circumstances. I have had to realize it’s about me. Yes, there are times when the possibility of a good future seems impossible, but I realize one has to get I with it! Empower yourself. Coax your mind into believing you can! Give it your best shot. Today my weakness has become my biggest strength. When I connect the dots, it all makes sense. No one gives a shit about what’s happening in your life. You have to overcome the challenges of the past what if something monstrous lies ahead I have to keep moving forward and that’s what my brand is about, living the best life you can. You owe it to yourself.”

Duggu further added, “What can I say, what can I do? When it happens to someone you can give advice, when it happens to you, you got to face it. Someday, I will have answers. At the moment, there are just questions. I have lost sense of objectivity. But the worst you can do is blame yourself with the dreaded ‘Why Me?’ Never do that. Face the challenge.”

Well Hrithik may you have the strength to get your life back in order.