Sunny Deol shoots with real criminals

Sunny Deol the ‘He Man’ of Bollywood,  has gone ahead and shot with real life criminals in actual lock ups of Daman and Bhopal to lend authenticity to the story line of ‘Singh Saab The Great’. Sunny plays the role of an honest IAS officer fighting corruption.


According to sources Sunny said, “I’ve shot in real jails earlier too. It’s an eerie experience as there is pain and agony all around. This time, even though I knew that I was there temporarily for the shoot, it was still psychologically disturbing.”

To gain permission to shoot for the sequence was a tough job. According to Anil Sharma the director, “It was quite a process. Identity cards were given to the crew and they were thoroughly frisked before being allowed to enter the jail premises. We even shot in an ‘anda’ cell, which has very little space. It requires immense patience to shoot in such a cramped location”.

Hope all this truly makes the movie a true success at box office.

Singh Saab The Great is all set to release on November 22.