Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood’s Dabangg-Salman Khan’s action thriller ‘Kick’ got released yesterday. But instead of the actor trending on Twitter, it was his rival Shah Rukh Khan trending on it. Shah Rukh Khan was being bashed by all on Twitter. His fans from all over the world were asking the Badshah all kinds of questions and within no time #AskSrk started trending on twitter.


Some of Shah Rukh Khans fans were praising him while some took this chance to ridicule him.

Below are some of the tweets by fans to SRK.
1- Sir @iamsrk , For how many times you colour your hairs in 1 year ? #AskSrk Don’t tell me this is stupid question. Please answer.
2- Sandy Dandy ‏@samyfrmghy 3m#AskSrk: You are one of the richest celebrities in the globe. How do you intend to give back to the society ?
3- Vee Dee ‏@smartpaagal : Please #AskSrk to refund my 1000 Rs. with interest which i wasted for Ra-One. And also to compensate for the mental torture. Thank you!
4- #AskSrk What will you give to Bhai for Eidi? A Script would be a fantastic choice! AskSrk According to you best movie of Bollywood till #KICKDAY
5- Sudhanshu Deo ‏@SudhanshuDeo #AskSrk why do you think Krk is better actor than yourself?
6- alestinattic ‏@humsubscribe 39m#AskSRK when he’s coming up with another nonsense to counter Salman Khan’s nonsense.
7- @Futoon_355 9m@iamsrk: To how many girls you have said I love you today ? can I be the one of them right now ? #AskSrk
8-Noor Almosawi ‏@noor_almosawi 6m@iamsrk #AskSrk who was the last person who hugged ?

Well the two Khan’s are still connected to each other, even though they do not see eye to eye.