Salman Khan To never Marry

Bollywood’s most handsome hunk Salman Khan, who is known to have dated the most beautiful ladies. Well Salman has finally put to rest all the rumours regarding his marriage. He has finally admitted that he will never marry in his life. This startling fact was revealed on talk show Ek Mulaqat of DD News.


As per sources, Ek Mulaqat is the weekly talk show of DD News. In his full length interview Salman Khan did not shy away from accepting that may be he will never marry in his life. He also said that he is not interested in Politics, nor in Direction, but prefers to continue acting.

Sallu further added that, He is happy with his social work that he is doing through ‘Being Human’ and wishes to adopt few more places where he can actively engage himself for the betterment of children. He said that he will prefer investing his time for the well-being of children.

Salman Khan’s interview will be featured on DD News today at 9:30 pm and tomorrow at 11:30pm.