Lovebirds Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh had eyes just for each other at the wedding celebration of Ahana Deol. The duo walked in together post midnight and were inseparable. They almost stole the attention from the newly-weds, with guests queuing up for pictures. In fact Ranveer is so besotted by his lady love that he hung around her all through, even following  Deepu to the loo too.




As per sources, “after the well-attended reception of Ahana Deol and Vaibhav Vora, the guests headed to the after-party, held at the same hotel where, Deepika was chilling with a couple of friends and Ranveer. When the DJ spun some ‘Ram Leela’ tracks, followed by numbers from Gunday, Deepika who was in a saree, stepped on the dance floor and busted out some energetic moves. Ranveer’s jacket also flew off somewhere and soon his neatly done ponytail had untied itself too”.

Sources further added, all through Ranveer kept planting kisses on Dippy’s cheeks and the two went on whispering sweet-nothings to each other. When Deepika excused herself to go to the washroom, Ranveer insisted on tagging along too. He gallantly escorted her and patiently waiting outside, fidgeting with his phone, till she was done. Then the two headed back in and partied till as late as 3 in the morning.

Well as they say love makes you do all sort of weird things. Isn’t it Ranveer?