Prabhudheva paralysis

Prabhudheva will be next seen in horror-comedy, ‘Tutak Tutak Tukiya’, which will be releasing on October 7. Recently, the actor revealed that while shooting for one of the songs of the film he suffered temporary paralysis.

He said, “Suddenly during a dance movement I felt something give way in my back. I couldn’t move! I was completely paralyzed. And before I knew, I was down on the floor where my feet were supposed to be.”

Doctors informed him that he suffered from temporary paralysis attack due to a muscle pull.


After the incident, Prabhu has now decided to be careful in future. He said, “Whether it is a fight, dance or emotional scene, please don’t overdo it. Nothing is worth one’s health. When I was on the floor, my life flashed through my mind. I thought of my two sons’ future. That’s when I decided I will be careful in the future.”

“I was really relieved to hear that. But for five hours, I was in unbearable pain. I couldn’t move at all. I was thinking about what life would be like without movement,” the actor added.

Well, we certainly wish that this never happens to you again Prabhu. You are one terrific performer and we need your legendary moves on the dance floor, for a long time.

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