John Abraham

Model turned actor, producer John Abraham is being stalked by a male stalker,  who has been harassing the actor with constant phone calls. Matters came to worse when he started calling up John Abraham’s parents, staff, land-line too, so the actor has filed a case at the Bandra Police Station .


According to sources, the man first contacted John a month ago and the actor initially brushed off the insistent phone calls as the overtures of a fan. But the man has become a nuisance for John over the past month. He started by calling and saying that he wants to meet John. After the constant barrage of phone calls, the actor finally decided to confront the man but when John finally got on the line and told him, ‘I am John Abraham,’ the caller refused to believe him.

What shocked John was the man had a thorough knowledge about his whereabouts, “John was in for a shock because this person knew exactly what he was doing throughout the day. He decided to not take it anymore. How dare did the man call up his parents? Enough was enough, and John called his manager and asked him to notify the cops”.

And here we thought that only girls were crazy about this hunk.