Shahid Kapoor in Srinagar

Actors Shahid Kapoor and Irrfan Khan, had a kangri (pot full of hot coal) thrown at them from the gathered onlookers during the shoot of Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Haider’ that is being shot in Srinagar’s Aishan Sahab Zaina Kadal area. The crew therefore shifted from that area to another location, where they were provided security not only by J&K Police but also by Central Reserve Police Force personnel.




According to sources, “The shooting was in progress and both the actors were moving towards a Maruti car when suddenly somebody from the crowd threw a kangri which almost hit Irrfan Khan. The ash flew into the air and covered both Shahid and him. Soon after the incident spectators started fleeing from the spot while a few youths raised anti-India slogans. It was a really childish act.”

But the police personnel and the crew had a different story to tell Tahir Saleem, Superintendent of Police (City North) said, “The kangri was not thrown at the stars, it slipped out of an onlooker’s hand.” The crew members maintained that, “The crowd was cheerful and was asking for autographs from the actors. They reciprocated with a smile. No one was injured.”

Haider had faced protests earlier too from the students and Vishal had to stop the shoot of the movie there.