Om puri

Veteran actor Om Puri has been accused of domestic violence and a complaint has been lodged against him at Versova Police Station by his second wife Nandita Puri . He has denied the allegation saying that he was not in Mumbai but in Kolkata.


As per sources ,Om Puri said,”I have returned from Kolkata on August,25th. So how can I beat her on August,23rd. She has accused me of beating her with a stick whereas she has just got a scratch. Now you tell me is it possible that if I hit her with a stick, she gets only scratched.”

He also stated that his wife is very demanding and insists on going for foreign holidays which he is unable to afford. Well, the two have been having fights since the time Nandita has written his biography revealing his intimate secrets in it.

Sad to see such mature people behaving like kids.