Ranveer Singh

After a hectic day at shoot or an exhausting stage show, many of the B-towners would often seek some relaxation in a glass of their favourite drinks, along with the company of close friends. Those glitzy showbiz parties also look pretty much fun.

However, actor Ranveer Singh says he doesn’t drink very frequently and is not much of a party person!


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The ‘Bajirao Mastani’ actor was in conversation with a leading daily recently. When asked what his favourite drink is, he answered “I don’t drink usually, I get high on life, but when I do occasionally it is whisky,”.

Hmm…interesting! He certainly is high on life and his energy is an evidence!

The actor also revealed which song can make him hit the dance floor right away! “Jumma Chumma De De from Hum (1991) but any Bollywood song can get me to the dance floor,” he said.

If you ever manage to the party with the hunk, you know which song to play!

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