Nimrat Kaur on her projects after 'The Lunchbox'

Nimrat Kaur knew her debut film ‘The Lunchbox’ will be a tough act to follow but is happy with the way her career is shaping up as she feels it is an interesting time to be an actor in India.

The epistolary drama, which revolved around a lonely wife, who connects with a soon-to-retire government employee via letters in a tiffin box, was a breakout role for Nimrat.

She immediately went on to star in the international TV show ‘Homeland’.

“‘Lunchbox’ was a tough act to follow. A film like that happens to people maybe once. I was left wondering what I am going to do next. It’s a very classic problem and it happens to people who break into the industry with something that significant. I did face that,” Nimrat told PTI in an interview.

“But I hope I am not afraid of that success in my life because I know I don’t let any kind of success go to my head. Yes, it is a little daunting to figure out but luckily for me ‘Homeland’ and ‘Airlift’ came at a very interesting time. It has been fulfilling in diverse ways.”


Nimrat is currently playing the role of Rebecca in the second season of Fox’s ‘Wayward Pines’, which has been executive produced by M Night Shyamalan.

The 34-year-old actress feels it is a really interesting time to be an actor in India as there are more opportunities than ever before.

“Life has a way of bringing forth what I should be doing next in that particular time of my life. It is a great time to be working as an actor in India. The opportunities I have in India like doing ‘Airlift’ with Akshay Kumar, it would not have been possible a few years ago.”

Nimrat says the only thing that she is careful about while choosing a particular role is to avoid falling into cliches.

“I only connect with a project if I want to watch it. It has always been a deciding factor for me. I won’t be a part of something that I can’t watch. Also, I would not want to do something to repeat myself… It is easy to fall into cliches.”

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