Nargis Fakhri

Are you worried about what to wear and how to look stylish on Holi? Try quirky and fun hairdos and wear a pair of shorts with a loose t-shirt, says actress Nargis Fakhri while sharing handy tips to make the festival glamorous and trendy.

“I like to style my tresses with some quirky and fun hairdos. If you love your bangs or fringes then put them on the side by tying the rest of your hair in a French braid or ponytail. You can also play with gem studded clips and bands,” the actress told IANS.

Even though the actress has been blessed with a flawless skin and long locks, she said it is important to “condition the hair well before one starts playing Holi”.

“It is very important to give your hair a protective coat before your hair comes into contact with harmful chemicals and colour. My 20-minute deep conditioning treatment with hot coconut based hair oil is a perfect way to lock in the moisture.

“It gives the necessary nourishment and protects my hair from harmful synthetic chemicals that the colours bring with them. Also, I make sure I keep myself hydrated by sipping a lot of fresh juices and coconut water to combat the heat,” said the actress who won’t be celebrating Holi this year because of work.

Nargis, who debuted in Bollywood with 2011 hit movie “Rockstar”, will be seen in “Main Tera Hero.

Talking about the appropriate wardrobe to play with colours, she said that comfort should be the priority.

“I like to wear my most comfortable clothes. I wear a pair of shorts with a loose t-shirt or kurta. I mostly choose a light material like cotton, so that I don’t feel stuffy in the heat,” she said.

After playing Holi, it is also important to unwind.
Nargis unwinds by having a “hot water shower” followed by skin care.

“The first thing I do is take a long hot water shower after returning home. After I have showered, I moisturise my skin with natural ingredient based moisturiser to combat dryness caused by the colours.

“I prefer products that provide the goodness of natural ingredients and sunscreen benefits. A hot coconut based hair oil deep conditioning treatment for 20 minutes followed by steam helps me relax and also nourishes my hair after it has faced so many chemicals in the course of the day,” said the actress who loves eating Gujjiya (a special Holi dish), lot of sweets and biryani on Holi.

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