Shah Rukh Khan and Narendra Modi

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan feels that Narendra Modi has an edge over the rivals in the coming Lok Sabha Elections. Shah Rukh Khan spoke at the launch of an android mobile game ‘Kaun Banega PM’, that has been launched to promote the movie ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’. This game doubles up as a mock opinion poll that gives an idea of who will win in the coming Elections.

As per sources, director of the movie Janaki Vishwanathan said, “This is the perfect game to connect with our audience. With elections coming up, the scores on the Kaun Banega PM? game are sure to raise few eyebrows. Numbers speak volumes and the scores here surely have a lot to say.”

Sources further added that, Shahrukh the rock star goat protagonist of the film, plays the role of a referee in the android game. The players of the game should select the party of their choice and then, collect fruits, icons, symbols of the party’s candidates to accumulate votes for their party. They are also required to guard against rotten eggs and also the symbols of the opposition parties.

Will the PM choice of Shahrukh Khan through this game be the choice of the nation?

Check out the trailer of the movie Yeh Hai Bakrapur :