Mira Rajput in Bandra

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor tied the knot with Mira Rajput. The actor due to his busy schedule was unable to take his newly wedded wife for a honeymoon. They are at present settled in Shahid Kapoor’s new apartment, that has been made up by Mira Rajput.

The Delhi girl has now been exposed to the life under the limelight, as being a celebrity wife she has the paparazzi keeping tabs on her slightest movement. The girl who till now had led a carefree life has suddenly landed into a life under the spotlight now.

Last night, Mira was seen hanging out with her and Shahid’s friend Bosco and an unidentified woman at a bar in Bandra. Shahid Kapoor was not to be seen with them. Mira tried to hide her face from the media shutterbugs and quickly jumped into her car.

Mira Rajput in Bandra
Mira Rajput snapped outside a Bar in Bandra,

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