Shah Rukh Khan

For every single person fighting with the odds and thriving towards success, Shah Rukh Khan is a living inspiration. A boy from a middle-class family in Delhi who lost his parents at a tender age, is arguably India’s greatest superstar today. He has made it to the list of world’s richest actors and enjoys global stardom. But in order to achieve this feat, one has to have extraordinary attributes. For SRK, it was his humility that changed the game.


At a recent event, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap spoke about the struggle of survival in Bollywood. He mentioned Shah Rukh as an example of how self-made success looks like.

“When Shah Rukh Khan came from Delhi from theatre, he became a star. Many who came after him couldn’t. He used to do small roles in theatres but people who used to do big roles couldn’t be stars. Star is a different thing, acting is a different thing,” The ‘Ugly’ director said. (sic)

“Problem starts when people start looking at themselves in third person when it comes to acting. Many actors’ career got over because even before doing anything, they started comparing. The comparisons are unreal. “Because I consider myself a better actor, I must get paid more than him.” Many people get finished due to this,” he added.

We couldn’t agree more! Despite achieving everything a common man can dream of, SRK is surprisingly humble and never boasts his possessions.