Mahira Khan Raees

With just a few weeks to go before release of Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan starrer ‘Raees’, we weren’t expecting this to happen. A video of Mahira Khan attending a chat show as a guest has gone viral, and it wouldn’t please you mush.

In the video, Mahira is seen not only strongly expressing her loyalty towards Pakistan, but also doesn’t seem to be too respectful towards Bollywood.


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“We should never be inspired from Indians. We are not Bollywood,” one can hear her saying.

Following the terror attack in Uri and a strong anti-Pakistan sentiment that cropped up among a group of politicians as well as laymen, a ban was put on Pakistani artistes. While most of the actors from that side of border chose to stay mun, Amid a tense backdrop, Mahira had opened up to explain how the rivalry was ridiculous and how the cultural exchange between the two countries is necessary and beautiful. Given everything, this video comes as an unpleasant surprise!

We wonder how the pre-release promotions are going to be affected by this!

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