Mahira Raees Pakistan

Finally, Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan-starrer ‘Raees’ will be hitting the screens in Pakistan, and the latter is very excited about her Bollywood debut releasing in her country. Recently, Mahira stated that ‘Raees’ will do amazing business in Pakistan.

While doing a video press conference, the actress said, “It is releasing in Pakistan and everyone was waiting for it to release here like anywhere else across the world. It will do amazing in Pakistan.”

“You don’t understand how much we wanted this (lifting of the ban on Indian films) to happen. ‘Raees’ is a big film and everyone was asking me about it (release). Everyone was waiting,” Mahira added.


When she was asked about Pakistani artistes being banned in India, she smartly dodged the question and started speaking about the response ‘Raees’ has received. She said, “There are a lot of things being said. If you were at my place to see your film doing the way it is, the songs and trailer come out… I have received lot of love… To feel that is more than enough. I am happy siting here. For me this is it.” (Also Read: Mahira Khan: How do you work with someone else after working with Shah Rukh Khan?)

Well, we are sad that we will not get to see more of Mahira Khan. After watching her in ‘Raees’, which was her Bollywood debut, we sure wanted to see more of her. But then, you never know what the future might bring. We’ll be hopeful.


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