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Being a celebrity or a star is not an easy task. They are always on the radar of media and public. When they are successful, people will talk about them, heap praises and when they go through their lows, they are judged. The profession comes with both pros and cons. Even the actors are sometimes judged by their own family and loved ones. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, We asked Madhuri Dixit if she ever felt judged, to which the actress said that she feels fortunate that her parents gave her the freedom with what she wanted to do in life.

The Fame Game actress said, “I think I was fortunate that my mom, dad, family always stood by me with my decision to join the industry. They always supported me but sometimes yes, not the immediate family but friends or someone saying that, ‘oh, I don’t think she can make it in this profession or whatever’ and you used to feel, ‘you were supposed to be on my side’ but that’s ok. People have opinions and you take it as that as face value. Do what your heart wants. That’s what I always say. You should follow your heart. If your heart is set on doing something, then just do it with all your dedication and whatever you can put into it and the everything else follows then .”



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She added, “Sometimes it happens but then you have to rise above it all and try to make the best of it.”

You can watch the full interview here.

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