Sushant Singh Rajput as MS Dhoni

‘M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story’ is one biopic every cricket fan in India is eagerly waiting for, whether or not the person is a fan of Dhoni. Reason being, there are many facts and facets from the life of the celebrated Indian skipper, which the trailer promises to reveal, one such fact being the three cricketers who were ousted from the team on Dhoni’s persuasion, on account of non-performance.


As many would know, especially the avid followers of cricket, who have lapped up all the matches and series, right from the captaincy of Saurav Ganguly to that of Dhoni, there were very strong rumours of the fact that it was Dhoni who was behind the ousting of Sehwag, Yuvraj, and Gambhir from the team, though it was never said evidently. The names can also refer to the golden trio of Saurav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, and Rahul Dravid, who were dropped from the later series.

While watching the trailer of the biopic too, we come across the sequence wherein Dhoni (Sushant Singh Rajput) is having a video conference with the council, and apparently talking about three cricketers who are not fit to play. The selectors mock at him by saying that he wants to oust the one who got him in the team, and that he too won’t stay for long if he gets them out, to which he calmly replies that they are all doing national duty and playing for the country, there is no personal cause here.

This sequence aroused the curiosity of many, and almost every fan thought that finally, this chapter of Dhoni’s tenure in the Indian cricket will be covered and the mystery uncovered. However, director Neeraj Pandey recently divulged that they will not be revealing the names of any cricketers.

Pandey told the agency, “The scene is there in the film, it’s just that we have decided not to take the three names that are taken during the course of the particular meeting. We have decided not to go with it considering that it will be perceived in a different taste, and also keeping in mind that there’s considerable amount of respect for the three cricketers.”

He further stated, “Because the movie was made over two, two and a half years, we had decided that we will take a call whether we want to divulge the names or refrain from doing so, closer to the film’s release.”

On being asked as to why did he take the decision of removing the names, Neeraj said, “I smelt chance more than controversy. I quite agree that it would have been blown out of context and out of proportion, and do more damage than good. Plus, the fact remains that these are cricketers who have served the nation, and it could have been taken in the wrong way.”

Well, fair enough. Now we’ll have to wait for September 30 to see what has been revealed and what has been concealed in the movie.

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