Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone

The love birds have returned – Deepika Padukone and her alleged beau Ranveer Singh have returned to Mumbai after holidaying and celebrating her birthday in New York. The pair was spotted early on Tuesday morning coming out of the airport.


As per sources, Deepika as usual looked quite hot in Black leggings, sweater and boots whereas Ranveer looked quite refreshed and was also dressed in Black jacket and jeans and sporting Harry Potter glasses. Deepu did not interact with anyone but our brat was seen interacting with the media and flashing smiles all around.

Even though they have never admitted to being a couple it is a known fact in the industry that the two are in a relation. A fan had tweeted a picture of couple while they were on a holiday in NYC.

Well we hope these Bollywood couples do admit instead of playing hide and seek.