Lisa Ray Pictutre Twin Daughters

From Shah Rukh Khan, Tusshar Kapoor to Karan Johar, Kiran Rao and Sunny Leone, many Bollywood celebrities have broken the stereotype by adopting surrogacy. The latest in this league is Indo-Canadian actress Lisa Ray who welcomed her twin daughters through surrogacy.


Lisa took to her Instagram account to announce that she and her husband Jason Dehni have become parents to twin daughters. She wrote, “Jason and I have chosen to share the intimate story of our surrogacy journey as a way to normalize and embrace fertility possibilities for everyone. It’s not easy but achievable.”

“I love to see Jason with them, growing into his new role as a father, holding them, changing diapers, with a burp cloth I got him, which is embroidered with ‘Men Who Change Diapers, Change the World’,” continued the actress.

Here’s the post.

Lisa is keeping her fans hooked with all the cute pictures of her bundle of joy. In one of the posts, sharing a picture of her twins, Lisa wrote, “Piglet: How do you spell love? Pooh: you don’t spell it. You feel it. -AA Milne.” Aww!! these cuties have filled my heart.

On September 22, Lisa tweeted thanking her little ones. She wrote, “Sufi and Soleil. Thanks for choosing us, little ones.”

A few hours Lisa has treated us with yet another series of pictures of her three-months-old daughters. She wrote, “Our Soufflé is three months old. Born June 22nd, at 36 weeks they were tiny, like baby birds slipped out of the nest. Since then, Jason and I have entered a garden bursting with color and while the tending can feel a bit trying at time, it’s an incredible initiation: to receive grace and boundless love through these two perfect beings, Sufi and Soleil. Thanks for choosing us, little ones ?”

Have a look at the pictures.

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