Kay Kay Menon The Ghazi Attack

Sankalp Reddy’s ‘The Ghazi Attack‘ has an exceptionally powerful team of actors who are known to be delivering stellar performances. One of them is veteran actor Kay Kay Menon who does not need to introduce his versatility any more. Kay Kay plays a Sikh naval officer in the film.

You’ve already caught glimpses of his subtle deliverance, in the trailer. The film will be a treat for sure. However, we just came to know about a beautiful gesture he showed on the set.

Kay Kay, who is otherwise a chain smoker, did not light one single cigarette when he shot; for all the days. (Also Read: Kay Kay Menon: Indians tend to give all the love only after the person dies)


The detailed reason is here. As he plays a Sikh character, Kay Kay was wearing a turban throughout. Being a well-cultured and broad-minded person who has equal respect for all religions and communities, he chose to refrain from smoking, as an act of respect towards Sikhism.

That’s simply thoughtful. Deserves a round of applause, right?

Also starring Rana Daggubati, Atul Kulkarni and Taapsee Pannu, ‘The Ghazi Attack’ hits the theatres on February 17.