Gorgeous Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is quite shocked about the recent rape case that took place in Mumbai and she feels that it is time to bring in stricter laws to see that women are safe. The 32-year-old actress feels media has a responsibility to spread information and at the same time highlight the guilty.


As per source,she said, “My sister has a six-year-old daughter so we want her to be safe when she grows up.  And I am hoping that when she grows up there will be some kind of change in the society at least by then she would be 16”.

“These unfortunate incidents used to happen in small place, and now in Mumbai.  Rapes are happening all over the country. Its difficult to be secure in India. It is not safe. I think we need to change our laws.”

So true Bebo, the youth should take certain steps to stop this.