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On Monday, Kareena Kapoor Khan went live with BFF Karan Johar to launch her book Pregnancy Bible, which marks her debut as an author. During Instagram Live, the besties not only discussed the contents of Bebo’s book but also answered some of the most important issues pertaining to pregnancy.

From suffering from Mommy guilt syndrome (MGS) to using her grandmother’s trick, Kareena shared some of her most personal experiences during the live session. It was also the first time when Kareena for the first time publicly announced her younger son’s name. The 3 Idiots actress also shared how her second pregnancy with son Jeh was very difficult as compared to her first son Taimur’s.


Kareena’s second pregnancy was very difficult as compared to her first. Women have to go through insecurity when observing the changes in their bodies during pregnancy. Opening up about the same the actress shared, “I have had those moments, especially with my second pregnancy. When  I came back from the hospital and looked at myself in the mirror I thought ‘I don’t know if I am ever be going to be okay. Being an actor, it’s not about vanity but wanting to feel fine I will be fit and back again on my toes. I thought I never will be able to. There was fear of breastfeeding because I wasn’t getting enough milk when I delivered Jeh. So there was a lot of mental distress I was going through. Then I felt that my body has stretched. My feet were feeling like 100 kgs. This pregnancy was very difficult compared to Taimur’s. Taimur’s was a breeze. I loved it, I enjoyed it. And that actually gave me the courage to do it again. But this time it was very very different. There were times when I would probably just sit down and feel like ‘I don’t think I can do this.'”

She went on to add, “After mothers deliver, I think the first 15-20 days there’s not enough sleep. You don’t really know whats exactly is going on. There’s just so much pressure. But of course, as time goes on, you have love and support help, like whether it’s from mom, Karisma or Saif. Then it just gets better and better. You look at your kid and you have that moment with your child so that just changes everything.”

Kareena welcomed her second child with Saif in February this year. The couple has named their younger son Jeh Ali Khan.

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