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Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar and superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s friendship is the most talked about in Bollywood. The story of their meeting is truly like a page out of a KJo blockbuster. Karan Johar recently shared the story of ‘Jab’ he met Shah Rukh Khan for the first time. The two had passed each other, when they were unknown entities in Bollywood but later they became the strong pillars of Bollywood together.

Karan Johar shared the funny incident of his meeting Shah Rukh Khan. He said, “It’s a very interesting incident. I had given my ICSE exams and director Anand Mahendroo had called my mother that he wanted an overweight child and told her that your son is overweight. My mother said yes and sent me for auditions immediately. Those days Anand Mahendroo was a big star in his mind. His office was in Lokhandwala. I went there and was waiting for him to come out. I saw a guy who was solving crossword and drinking cups of tea. I was waiting for five hours and in that time this man had 20 cups of tea and solved the crossword. I found him a little familiar but didn’t talk or approach him.”

Karan further added that, “After five hours, Anand Mahendroo finally came out and didn’t look at me. This guy went up to him and said, ‘Anand I am sorry I don’t want to do your serial.’ Anand asked him, ‘Why have you waited for so long?’ He said, ‘I enjoyed the crossword and I liked the chai in your office’ and he left immediately. Anand was so angry he came to me and said, ‘Stupid man do you know him, his name is Shah Rukh Khan he was in ‘Fauji’.’ That was the first time I had met Shah Rukh.”

Later the duo met on the sets of Duplicate,“Shah Rukh was playing the lead so I met him and introduced myself and told him I had seen him in Anand Mahendroo’s office. Shah Rukh told me that he was not interested in the serial that was offered to him. That was our first official meeting.”

After a long timer the two bonded and the rest is History.

Courtesy: Absolute India

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