Karan Johar recently had a sensational interview with Barkha Dutt wherein he spoke about anything and everything. From his twins to his fight with Kajol, Karan spoke his heart out in this interview. Well, how can the topic of nepotism be missed out? He was quizzed on Kangana Ranaut’s nepotistic comments on him and KJo didn’t leave this opportunity to defend himself here.

He said, “I felt like I was attacked, she was the missile and I was the target. I was not being nepotistic or sexist, I was just like she has her opinion and she is giving her thoughts. She clearly learned those 12 lines and came and they were wonderful. Even I learn my lines for any interview, these are not criticism.”

It didn’t stop here. Though he said that Kangana had learned the lines and came to the show, he also said that he has no harsh feelings for Kangana. He stated, “She had an opinion, she is an exceptional talent and I have always said that. She has her opinion and she said it. Two weeks later, I was given a platform and I said what I had to. I don’t know what to say, what she meant, whereas I have never crossed paths with her beyond here and there. She decided to choose me, to make her point which is fine.”


Apart from this, his thoughts over his soured friendship with Kajol expressed in this interview all caught a lot of attention. He stated that their friendship had reached the level of expiry and it had to end. That was one helluva conversation, we must say!