Journalist opened up on 2008 Video Tanushree Dutt

Yesterday, a video (from 2008) surfaced on the internet in which we see a mob attacking Tanushree Dutt‘s car. Tanushree accused Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’. In the video, we have noticed a man carrying a camera who was violent and tried to deflate the tyres of Tanushree’s car. Yesterday, his identity was revealed by a few media personalities who slammed him.


The man who was seen as violent is a journalist named Pawan Bharadwaj. He opened up as to why he behaved in such a way. In an interview to The Quint, he presented his side of the story. He said that he attacked Tanushree’s car because Tanushree’s team had got into a brawl with his team.

Pawan said they reached the studio to cover the song’s shoot and they were not aware of what was going on inside the studio. Tanushree and her father came out of the studio and as per Pawan, Tanushree’s bodyguard attacked their reporter Tejal and her father thrashed his camera.

He further said, “I almost fainted, the bystanders sprinkled water on my face and I revived myself and realised that their car had been stopped near the exit gate by a crowd. I was angry that my camera had been destroyed, I was worried about my job and so I demanded a compensation, but they did not listen to me, so I started hitting the car with my camera in my frustration.”

Here’s the video where you can see the mob attacking Tanushree.

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