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Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa were arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) after 86.5 gms of ganja (Cannabis) were seized at their office and home. Bharti’s fellow comedians and her other co-actors have reacted on the arrest. Senior comedian and actor Johny Lever has also spoken about it.

In an interview with Times of India, Johny recalled his old days when he used to drink alcohol but he quit it as he realized it affected his talent and creativity. He said, “Drugs is becoming a trend like alcohol used to be back in days. Alcohol used to be easily available and a lot of parties used to happen and even I have made the mistake of drinking but then when I realised alcohol is not good as it is affecting my talent and creativity and I quit.”


He also advised Bharti and Haarsh to accept their mistake and pledge to quit drugs. He said, “I would like to say one thing to both Bharti and Haarsh. Once you guys come out, speak to your colleagues both young and old not to indulge in drugs. Look at Sanjay Dutt, he confessed to the world. What bigger example do you want? Accept your mistake and pledge to quit drugs. Nobody is going to come to give you a bouquet of flowers for this case.”


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Johny further said, “I tell students not to indulge in drugs. Kyonki jail jaoge and jail is not a place for creative people like us. Taking drugs is a sign of weakness and it only spoils your health and your name. It affects your career also. We seniors and those who have confessed, need to counsel our juniors or else our industry will be doomed.”

Meanwhile, the latest report states that the NDPS court has granted bail to Bharti and Haarsh.

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