Salman Khan and Sooraj pancholi

Superstar Salman Khan has stood beside his protegee Sooraj Pancholi through thick and thin . Despite repeated attempts by Rabiya Khan the deceased Jiah Khan’s mother in whose suicide case Sooraj was implicated . It seems that Salman Khan’s lawyer is figting Sooraj case for him too.

As per sources, When Rabiya Khan once again tried to implicate Sooraj by insinuating that the witnesses who had arlier testified in  Sooraj favour were not telling the truth. Lawyer Shivae was at that moment in Jodhpur for Sallu’s Black Buck case but rushed back to attend the latest crisis.“Salman is going all-out to ensure Sooraj’s debut is a smooth one. Salman did something for Sooraj that he doesn’t ever do: he allowed Sooraj to practice his stunts on his farm in Panvel for Hero. Salman’s lawyer has been asked to leave no stone unturned to get the case against Sooraj quashed in the next hearing on March 24. Sooraj’s defence team is confident of extricating Sooraj from the legal tangle at the next hearing. They have also built a water-tight case for defamation against Jiah’s mother.”


Sooraj’s father Aditya Pancholi  too confirmed the news .“Yes,our lawyer is Shrikant Shivade .We are not worried at all about Sooraj’s future. And neither is he. My son told me and my wife not to worry about him. He is focusing on his action scenes and he is not the least ruffled. I am very proud of my son. At 22 he is more mature than  I am at my age. No harm will come to our boy. He’s a blessed child,” says Aditya emotionally, adding that Jiah’s mother is doing what she is for the money. “Insurance laws in the US where Jiah was born do not cover suicides. So Rabia is trying to change her daughter’s suicide into a murder.

The mother of deceased actress Jiah Khan, in a recent tweet accused the “Dabangg” actor of protecting Sooraj Pancholi, who according to her is Jiah’s killer.



Movie stars like Salman sheltering the murderers where is the Gods fear and being human all for the front shame on him