Jacqueline Fernandes

Jacqueline Fernandez is popularly known as Bollywood’s Miss Sunshine for her positive approach towards life and how she wins everyone with her positive energy. During the tough times of the lockdown, the actress did these various activities which helped her stay positive and motivated throughout.


In an interview with a leading magazine, the actress shared, “The most therapeutic thing that I’ve been doing here on the farm during quarantine is horse riding because it kind of keeps me alert, focused but at the same time you’re kind of connection with the horse , you’re riding, you’re learning new things, you’re continously learning about the horse his movements, his character, his personality and it’s definitely a patience game.”

Adding more activities that helped Jacqueline maintain the positivity the actress adds, “It has been very therapeutic for me but there are other things as well painting is very therapeutic as well, I mean trying to paint as much as I can while I’m here whenever I can while I get some time. But also I think just some meditation is really really good.”


One of the most important things these activities help you do is stay alert, keep your mind constantly working into something and allow you to be creative without feeling stuck. Jacqueline has also always highly recommended meditation as an activity as simple as breathing can make wonders if done correctly even for a couple of minutes and change your whole mood.

Jacqueline has been on a roll in 2020 with back to back song releases and also a film release marking her OTT debut titled Mrs Serial Killer which received immense appreciation for her dark character.

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