Besharam's failure

Abhinav Kashyap is shocked by the way some critics have slammed his movie ‘Besharam’. This is the first time he is facing such a backlash. His earlier movie ‘Dabangg’ was a rollicking hit, but you cannot say the same about ‘Besharam’.


As per sources, Abhinav defended himself, “I have the first day numbers of the film which is the highest for both me and Ranbir. I really don’t understand why the English media and certain people with vested interest are panning the film. I am getting calls from my friends from cinema halls. People are roaring in laughter! I am happy with film’s first day collection.”


Besharam’s trailer had irked Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan fans for making fun of the two superstars. So Abhinav feels that it is the work of  some people from the industry who have done it to show him in bad light. He said, “With whatever is happening around ‘Besharam’, I smell some kind of a sinister plan. Certain forces don’t want the film to succeed”.


Its no secret that Abhinav had a fallout with Salman Khan post ‘Dabangg’, and he had also said that Ranbir is better than Salman . Well now it seems that he is blaming Salman Khan  for the failure of his movie. Does he mean to say that Salman Khan has many powerful friends to make or break anyone.

Well Abhinav we think  that  you should not play with fire, for there are chances of getting burnt.