Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone

Which actress is more popular on Twitter? Well it is not Katrina or Deepika but our very own ‘Exotic’ Priyanka Chopra. Well why not, this girl has been on the go ever since she has released her album Exotic with international Rapper Pitbull.

Then she lent her voice to the Disney movie ‘Planes’, even on the movie front she has ‘Zanjeer’ all set to release.


As per source, PeeCee is a hot favorite with a fan following of 4,041,756. Ranked fourth on the Bollywood celebs rankings on Twitter,  she beats all other actresses including Deepika Padukone who is placed sixth on the list with a following of 3,495,685.
Do you feel that she will be able to maintain her top slot on the social network?