Akshay Kumar

Bollywood and Cricket go hand in hand and Akshay Kumar is all set to take this love to a comic high. Akki in his next; an action packed comedy ‘Boss’ has thought about an innovative idea of exploring the fun side of cricket in his movie. He has the cheerleaders who added to the glamour quotient in the IPL cheering for him.


As per sources, Akshay Kumar who plays the title role in the movie has the cheerleaders cheering for him as he fights the baddies.

“The entry of cheer leaders while Akshay is seen fighting the goons is quite funny. Normally when we see films action scenes, they are pure with no fun element, here the audiences will get to see Akshay Kumar fighting the hell out of the goons while cheer leaders are hooting for him. It’s surely going to make the audiences laugh out crazily.”

Well this could only be thought about by our Khiladi. Hats off to him .